Ethernet Technology


fiber optic illuminator,Light Source Engine,fiber optic light engine
1.synchronous function,wireless
2.UV protected

LED light engine,Light Source Engine,fiber optic light engine,fiber optic illuminator


Wireiess remote comote control unit available
Single color(R/G/B/Y/W optional)
Specification:1W/3W/5W/16W LED light engine
Flicker and gradual change
Several procedures,the full-automatic intelligence protection function
LED light engine is the imports RGB light source of 1W/3W/5W/16W,function stability,
the life span is long,can amount to 50,000 hours
LED no need to against the change of the electric ,will not produce interference and
electromangnetism radiations.
LED defend the tide,flameproof and bear to shanke
Adopts the low pressure direct current,safety.



LED light engine Main functions:

* Manual control of all functions
* Fixed light color, color temperature can be customized. Color temperature range:3000-6000K
*Output diameter of the coupling head is 20mm, may install 500 threads of 0.75mm optic fiber or 300 threads of 1.0mm optic fiber

*Color box packing

*CE approval