Ethernet Technology


SNMP support full/half duplex work mode and have network perfection management function according to user’s requirement, are ideal device of broadband fiber optic ethernet network, which can be widely applied in telecom MAN IP solutions.

SNMP adopt world famous exchange IC with LLR function, they provide great convenience for remote diagnose. At the sametime, they also have functions like share net isolation, full/half duplex auto-negotiation etc.

SNMP includes stand-alone and slide-in type. They support various types of connectors, like MM&SM SC,FC, ST and LC. FHC managed media converter can provide non-sew connection with mainstream switches and routers.

SNMP has flush type operation network management platform similar as router, and have management mode of card media converter, whose real-time, safety, convenience stand the leading stage among domestic managed media converters .

The local terminal is 16-slot standard 19-inch rack, 1 piece managed card and 16 pieces media converter modules, the back panel can install master/slave power supply, the remote terminal is stand-alone media converters.